This is me...

I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, where I was in church at the earliest possible age.  So much happened there.  I fell in love with Jesus there.  I fell in love with people there.  I fell in love with the idea that we, as leaders, can take someone broken, and lead them to our Father ~ the Great Healer. 

I have travelled with teams of musicians - I've performed and I've worshipped - I've worked with some of the most amazing musicians and singers - and yet, from my heart, I can say that there is nothing more precious to me than the point of engagement to God.  I've been in services where the music was absolutely amazing... professional skill stacked deep with each person well rehearsed and the sound beyond perfect.  But more overwhelming to me is the pure sound of an intimately connected heart as it pursues God. 

Now, I lead worship in a very small community where the people haven't necessarily been exposed to the latest trends in Christian music.  We still do hymns (and I love that!!!)  Every Sunday morning, I step onto a small platform with a small group of people, and we go after God.  There are no limitations.  No boundaries.  We just seek the Lord.  It's just me and my piano... and the worship is the purest sound and most genuine experience I have ever been a part of!

My husband and I drive 60 miles just to serve those people.  He's a fire-fighter, and on his Sunday's off, he serves their children as their leader.  Derrick and I share 3 beautiful kiddo's that are beyond precious to us.  You can read more about us at our family blog.

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